Weeks #28-32: Five Weeks

Remember when I said I’d update you before Easter before I flew home? And then how I didn’t actually do it? Me too…

Hello friends, I do hope you’re well among this sunny spell Europe is enjoying currently! I’m also fine, and once again I apologise for disappearing for so long. I’m not actually sure what happened, I think it was a combination of finishing the term, flying home and catching up with everyone, the pace of work once I got back, my impending university deadlines and writing pieces for other publications (sorry).

Anyhow, as I haven’t been up to much else other than that, I just thought I’d quickly update you this time as I didn’t want to leave it even longer than it already has been, so here’s a few things which have happened in the meantime – also, it occurred to me before writing this that not only has it been five weeks since I last posted on The Deutschland Diary, but it’s also five weeks until I leave Germany, which is odd as this year has flown by but at the same time, it feels like I’ve been in Germany for longer than since the end of August. Meanwhile, here is a random assortment of some other year abroad highlights:

•Among everything else, I’ve had more lessons with Year 5 who are a sweet class and also really enthusiastic, they currently have to do a presentation about an animal of their choice so part of my week has involved teaching 11-year-olds how to pronounce ‘hippopotamus’ and ‘rhinoceros’ (they’re going to stick to ‘hippo’ and ‘rhino’).

•On the day I flew home for Easter, I woke up at 5:30am, left for work at 6:30, finished work at 11:30, got on a train to Leipzig and then changed for Berlin, arriving there at 17:00 before stopping for food and then getting a train to the airport, and then flying to Bristol and arriving at 23:30 and then driving to Cardiff before going to bed at 02:30 (it seemed like a good idea when I booked the ticket).

•My school have had their biennial ‘Sprachenfest’, or ‘Language Festival’ wherein all things languages were celebrated, meaning I ended up teaching six crash courses of Welsh in one day (A-Level Welsh came in handy in Germany, who’d have thought it)?

•I chose my modules for my final year of university and am nearly done with the work I have to do for this year, which I’m pleased with as at the start of the year they seemed like mammoth tasks that I’d never complete.

•As I’m sure is the case (hopefully) wherever you’re reading this, the sun has come out in Zwickau, much to my surprise when I stepped off the plane after Easter in multiple layers and boots, and I’m pretty sure I am already mildly sunburnt before it reaches 27º tomorrow (the header image for this piece is the view from the right of my bedroom window last night during sunset and miraculously, no traffic or trams).

•I’ve booked to see a fellow Year Abroad-er in Frankfurt on my final weekend in Germany, which I’m most excited for as I’ve only seen Frankfurt’s airport before and haven’t spent much time at all outside of eastern Germany, so I’m excited to pop to another state as well as see one of my friends and fourth-year housemates who I haven’t seen since the summer, outside of her 2D Skype form.

Those are some of the juiciest tales I can remember from the past month or so, and I’m sorry if this piece wasn’t as interesting as the others (hopefully) have been! In my last few weeks in Zwickau, I’ll encounter its 900th anniversary celebrations among another trip to Leipzig I hope, and I’ve also been mentally compiling a ‘things I’ve learnt living abroad’ piece, so I won’t leave it so long next time.

Thank you for reading (if you made it this far), and have a glorious sunny weekend,

CE x

(P.S.: If you happen to be interested in seeing what else I’ve been writing outside of all things Deutschland, I’ve been typing away interviewing Emma Blackery, the Fratellis, attempting to amp up the hype for the new Arctic Monkeys record and sharing my thoughts on why pop favourites shouldn’t be dismissed as cheesy and irrelevant in case any of those should catch your attention and you want to check them out).



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